Monday, 28 March 2011

~When Silence...does not necessarily mean it's GOLDEN~

Well hello there people! It's been a week since my last post. Lately there hasn't been much of an activity. Oh yes, on 23rd March 2011, SPM results was released. That's the results for Malaysians final major exam in secondary school. Glad to say, my results weren't a dismal failure. It was more than I ever hoped for! =D

Oh well, there was a fair share of tears and laughter and people whooping with delight on that particular day. Bless their little heart. SO! As my post title states, I'm going to state 5 points when you shouldn't stay silent.

Point 1 - When your parents have wrongly blamed you for something. Yes, that's right. Don't just keep quiet and nod...speak up. Although, they may in turn ask you to just shut up.
Point 2 - When you feel you know what you're doing is right. Even though your parents may just stop you and discourage you, don't stop. You know it's right when it's right. Each generation gets smarter than the one before no?
Point 3 - When you're facing a senior. Yes , so he/she is your senior and they don't like it when you talk back to justify your point. SO WHAT ? Just speak up! In the end, when you proved your point,you'll get the satisfaction of putting on a smug face to show them. =D
Point 4 - When....of course you're sick. Why keep quiet then? Make a fuss out of it. It's definitely going to get you some pampering and tender loving care. If you've got sore throat and can't say a thing...then...there's always sign language?
Point 5 - When it comes to love. Oh yes, this is the one important point. When you love someone, just say it. Go up to them tell them your feelings. Be Direct. Don't expect anything in return though. Just let every thought out and don't miss a single point. AND I don't mean you go up to girl and say, " Hey baby, your butt's sexy, I love your body etc. etc." That's called a pimp. Don't be THAT direct.

Oh well, that's all for my post today. It's full of random crap.
Cheers till next~

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