Sunday, 13 March 2011

~My Condolences Goes All Out~

Life is changing day by day. The world is transforming each day.

Hello dear readers and the whole wide world. Welcome to my blog. Today, I'm all melancholic because I'm saddened by the news of Japan's earthquake just a few days ago. The earthquake has left thousands of people homeless and the news of it's magnitude has shocked and alarmed the world. Tremors have been felt around the equator and alerts have been raised to safeguard the people living by the shore for fear of another Tsunami nightmare like the one that had befell us just a few years ago.

My condolences goes all out to the people who have lost loved ones and I feel sad just hearing the death toll rise by the minute. Worldwide rescue operation has been launched and this just proves that people can help one another in times of distress. This is an example of good in humanity.

I am not rich neither am I strong. All I can do is with words. All I want to say is~

Have faith that not all is lost. Hope for the best and everything to be fine. In times of hardships, humans need something to hold on to, and this is faith. Faith that everything will turn out fine. Everything to return and recover to what it once was. Don't lose that hope.

Cheers and condolences~

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  1. Don't forget the Japanese nuke tank has been blown to smithereens , so take cover for the nuke rain and air