Wednesday, 9 March 2011

~When It Really Matters Most~

Well hello people, didn't really expect myself to post something this soon. I'm not really in the mood for cheery greetings today because today I finally realized what some friends are and capable of doing. I'm not going to divulge information of whom and why though(this is between me and the other party). All I'm going to say is, every single time you ask me anything be it a question, favor, request, errand, or anything of that sort did I ever turn you down? For that matter, have I ever SAID "NO" at all to any of my friends who has asked me for help in any way?

None as much as I can recall except for when it was ranging on to personal belongings and such but even so, I still did what I can to help. This was the one time I was actually asking for help, even going on the verge of putting aside my own image just to ask for a little favor, a helping hand. I even gave a promise to return that favor. Does it really matter that the few transferred images are gone? I've already stayed up late on to the verge of insanity, searching for any hope till the wee hours of the morning even sleeping only at 3 to 4am just to recover those images that you want. Shouldn't you at least give a little sign of appreciation. The lost of the images wasn't what I wanted. I also had some images that I liked that was lost too.

So in the end, all I can say is, when it really mattered most, you didn't even bothered to help me. Now I finally understand and realize, why the words hypocrite cling to you. I can see that now. God Bless~~ I'm done saying things that I want to get out of me. If ever you need to ask me for any favor, just remember this post, the text messages and today. Nuff said~ I'm going to end it here.

Vincent Loke

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