Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Of New Things and New Direction

Hello people! I'm here...AGAIN, hehe. These time with good news =D (for me that is). Thinking about it makes me want to jump and roll around with joy. What's the good news? It's...


Wow, it was good letting that out =D. I'm not going to talk much about my new phone..Not now. The Important point of today's blog post is, of a new direction. Alright, I know most of you don't get what I mean.
Well, this actually came to me while I was still in my part-time job at Club Med Cherating Beach. What I've realized in that duration, became so much more clearer to me now, right after I recovered from a slightly high fever...yes, I was having a fever a few days ago but I'm on my feet now bless my lucky stars =). So, what I've come to realize is that I've been a a little laid back for half my life..I've never truly really worked hard for what I want and what is my future. Then again, I'm 18 and it's about time I start thinking of what and where I want to go in life (Sounds so matured..). It's about time I start being serious about things.

That's all for now folks~
The next update will be about my new phone
AND I'm taking my cheeriness down a notch (Yes..Time to be serious)


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