Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The time comes...OF Wishes and Dreams and LONG Wishlists.

Well, hello to everyone! I'm back again with a new post. This time it's going to be something I've been waiting for a long long time.

In a blink of an eye, it's already been almost 18 years. 18 long years since that moment when I have just entered this world.(Yes, the day I was born.)  It has been a milestone since then. Learning how to crawl, how to walk, how to talk, how to eat and basically everything that is a necessity to live in this world (that includes learning not to chew on paper). It's been a very enjoyable journey filled with ups and downs. Learning new lessons each day, maturing as time passes.

What am I talking about? Well...it's going to be my....18th BIRTHDAY SOON !
Yes, just a few days ago it was, "soon to be 18 in 18 days", then it was , "staying 17 for another 17 days", very very soon it will be, "Today, I finally turn 18." *sobs* Just thinking about that day made me realize...How old I've become. Time to hand the reigns over to the younger generation. Haha, kidding.
Anyway, this coming few days has made me realized, my journey, looking back, I can't help but smile at all those bittersweet memories. Memories that serve as lessons.

AND ~~~~~~~~~~!!!! With birthdays, there's always a long long wishlist...well...mine is pretty short...
Actually, it's a wishlist of what I want to do in my life before I get tied down to marriage(that is if I'm lucky enough). So..here goes...~

My WISH-list:
-Get a laptop for all my personal stuff (Pictures,video,music,porn, etc. etc.).
-Get a DSLR camera for my photography craze.
-Start writing a novel and publish a story based blog (In progress).
-Get a driving license (done).
-Travel the world to places I've always dream of visiting.
-Cosplay as some of my most favorite anime characters. (In progress)
-Save money. LOTS and LOTS of money. (Need $$)
-Learn the piano. (In progress using Youtube and Google. Don't need a teacher for this.)
-Get to know plenty of new people and new friends =D. (Been doing this and will continue doing this.)

That's what I have on my wishlist. I hope that I can achieve what I want in my wishlists in the days to come.
Cheers to my upcoming 18th~
Vincent the kid who matures by day.

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