Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Trip To Remember

Well, hellooooo EVERYBODY! How is everyone feeling today? I'm feeling full of cheeriness today (as always) Haha. So, the past week was a blast! Why you ask? I did a multitude of things. I celebrated my youngest sister's birthday (yup getting older by the day and more annoying beautiful), went for my driving license exam, hung out with some friends, and WENT TO CAMERON HIGHLANDS !! =D

 Yup, an eventful week to say the least. So as the post title suggest, the main highlight of today's post is on the trip to Cameron Highlands. I went there with my cousin and his parents. They had an extra space left and I didn't have anything better to do at home so, why not I thought? I packed my bag and got everything ready for the trip. It was a three days two nights stay at a bungalow owned by the Overseas Missionary Foundation (O.M.F.). Our meals were taken cared of at the bungalow. I met my cousin's cousin from his father's side there and some new friends too. Perhaps some pictures of the trip?

The arrival at the bungalow~
Our Arrival~ Check it out.

The place was huge with a badminton court (Our main activity there) and a playground =D

Slide!!!!! SWING!! SEE SAW !!!

Uncle John, badminton bully.

Like I said, badminton, our main activity come rain or shine. Haha =P, (I still remember Ashlea doing a sliding mud tackle on this very court!). Now, a trip to Cameron is never complete without a trip to ~~ *drum rolls*~~ THE BOH TEA PLANTATION !!!

Cool picture =D

The huge tea leaves field


Enjoying tea and the view on the open air deck.

Tea boxes and boxes of them

More Tea ~

Green Tea Soap.
 Oh, the tea was great and so was the view. A whole sea of tea leaves beneath us from the open view deck. I also remember the fun we had when we were going to the plantation, saying hello to every passing car with their windows open. We even got some replies from some drivers and some walkers. Talk about Malaysian Hospitality. We're really friendly people. Great times, really great times. Besides the tea plantation, we also celebrated my cousin's grandpa (his father's side) birthday.

Carrot cake! The song was sang in three different languages.

Not to mention, the plants there were really REALLY fresh. The roses looked really mesmerizing. The flowers looked really beautiful. The air there was also really fresh.

Morning GLORY. Really glorious in this picture.

Really really fresh rose.

The back garden, a really nice place.

 Some other activities we did at the bungalow~

Digging into the salted CHICKEN!! (Guess who's clawed hand is that? MINE! MWAHAHA. What? I was hungry =D)

Read. Did I mention, the library was huge? YES, REALLY HUGE

Swing and swing and swing =D

Steamboat!! OOOMPH YUMMMY !!!!

Slides!! Did I mention, that slides are my favorite?
The new friends and cousins ( Well, it they're his cousins that makes them my cousins too) I met. =)

From left, Adrian, Kin, Kevin, that's ME, Ashlea, Sean, and Kieran( he's hiding)

From left, Natalie, Erik, me at the back with Kieran(he's hiding again) and front, Patria and Danial (not sure whether I got their names right, sorry >.<), Naomi, and KEVIN !
 And a group photo ! ~

The whole gang!! Nearly.....( Where's Uncle Steve?)
 Some other random shots~

Me playing the piano. =D


See SAW ~ and our new friends =D

Yup, the trip was really fun. There was plenty of laughs and if I remember correctly, also plenty of Angry Birds and Monopoly Deal. The stay was AWSOME to say the least. Thanks for inviting me Aunt Susan, Uncle Steve and Kevin. It was really a great time while it lasted. Do invite me for more trips like this. =D

Vincent the guy who loves travels. =D

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