Friday, 25 April 2014

Risks and stakes

They say, that when someone has nothing to lose, nothing left to be tied to, they are free. There is nothing at stake. Nothing to hold them back. Nothing to stop them.

When someone has something to lose, something they care for, they are tied. There is so much at risk. Every move has to be made carefully.

Most of the world have something they live for. Something that they hang on to. Someone even. Everyone has something to lose. To be free of being tied, is just too small a margin to be.

I am the same like everyone else. I have something and someone to lose. I cannot be free, yet I do not want to be free.

WE are all made to look for love. Even if it hurts us in more ways than one, yet we still look for it. Masochistic maybe, but it's the one thing that everyone deems worth it. Even if scrapped, broken, torn, hit and thrown.

I have something and someone to lose. I wonder, am I in the same position to anyone else?
I wonder if I am held on to, afraid to be let go off.

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