Saturday, 26 April 2014

Of aches and changes

I've been drifting in and out of sleep. I can't even think well. Why is it that everytime April comes, everything has to be so hard? I'm not sure if it's April having some vengeance on me or whatnot.

Sometimes, it amazes me how feelings can change so fast. How promises don't mean a thing and memories are just, memories.
I've tried my best
I've given my best
Little did I know
That even that was not enough

A little doubt
A little thought
It was all it takes
To cause so much pain

Love is hard
Love is painful
But I know it's just as rewarding
But I know it's just as worth it

The things we had
The things we did
I had hoped that it would be strong enough
I had hoped that it would hold us together

All I hope for
Is that things work out
Is that memories meant something
Is that you would find that feeling again

I am so messed up. Why? This is the thing about feelings. It's shocking. It changes so fast. 
So fast, so much.... That it's so scary. I hate myself for doing this to myself.

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