Friday, 25 April 2014

Picking up the pieces

It's 3am. I am still not ready to answer the calls of my pillow as it yearns for my head lie upon it. I am still not ready for the darkness that would welcome me. I am still not ready for what will come after I close my eyes.

Cracks upon the walls
Cracks upon the windows
Cracks upon the paintings
Cracks upon the memories.

You came to me when I was not myself
You held me when I was unable to feel
You heard me when I was unable to speak
You saw me when I could not see myself.

Why was I too focused
Why was I too absorbed
Why was I too blinded
To see that there were more to be.

I saw that tear when you didn't see
I heard that cry when you didn't speak
I felt that pain when you didn't show
I stood by drowned in myself

You walked away
I moved forward
You turned away
I reached for you.

Deep down the pain grew
Deep down love fought.
As we moved
I picked up the pieces
As we moved
I put the pieces together

I still hang on as things have been hard. I believe that we are made for each other. Life get's hard sometimes but then we get through it together. We've been through this before.

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