Sunday, 27 April 2014


It's not normal for me to be posting so often. But who cares anyway? I'm not posting for anyone. Sometimes we just need words to voice out what we can't say not because we can't, but we're afraid of what the consequences are as well as how it may sound.

I care a lot about things. When things that matter to me most are before me, I would do what I can to make things work. When life get's in the way, I believe that there are ways to overcome. I moan, I cry, and yes, I complain. But we all do. What matters after is that whether you pick yourself up or come to a stand still. Whether we just leave things as is and turn to another. Most of us would pick ourselves up. That's a given. 

Life's a bell curve, you go up, where the happy times are, then you fall, for those are the times where you learn what matters most. Everyone is built different and that being too much alike only repels. Why are we built differently? Cope differently? That's the way we are made. My personal guess is that we were meant to complement the lack in another whilst the other does the same.

I give everything I have. Not because I can. Not because it's a must. It's because I want to. It's because I see something in it. I value the things that come by. We give a little, we sacrifice a little. We gain a little, we receive a little.

There are multiple ways to make it through. Believe in me who believes in you.

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