Tuesday, 22 April 2014

21st on the 21st of April

Recently, I celebrated my 21st birthday. Welcome Adulthood. It was the usual wishes, cake, and same old day. There was one thing that really made it special though. This marks the 2nd year I'm celebrating my birthday with my dearest girlfriend. That's special enough for my birthday celebration. Literally having her with me is special enough to make my day, that was why I told her not to get me anything for my birthday. Little did I know she went ahead and got me one.
"Hey, I got you something for your birthday." she told me.
"Oh, I thought I told you not to." I said, "Just you being with me is good enough" :I
"B-but, it's handmade!" she says
"O-oh. Okay then..." I smiled
*Passes me a box which I open*

"I-it's a scarf." I said.
"Y-yeah, cause you said you were going to further your studies overseas," she said, "Didnt know it wouldn't happen."
"I-I'd still be going...only a year later, hopefully." I said.
"S-so, do you like it?" she asks.
*Tries it on*
" It's..comfy," I said, "Thanks dear" =)
 (>///w////<) (<<<< that was her reaction, blushing)
The scarf she made
 I really appreciate her effort in making this for me as well as her being thoughtful. If you're reading this, dear, I really really love you. Thank you for putting up with me this long. The things we've been through together and the memories we've made, and that we're still together. =)

Thank you for everything and my birthday wish? I can't tell you that. It might make it lose it's effect.

P.s: I-It's not l-like I reallllyyy treasure it o-or anything   >////A////<

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