Saturday, 26 April 2014

Minds and thoughts

Thinking too much and worrying over things. That's human. I'm worried yes. So much. I'd give anything just to have the good times back. When it didn't matter as long as we we're together, we could do anything.

Love is a test of time, not feelings. Feelings come and go as time passes. What matters is that both party can find the feeling to stay strong together.

You can't change how a person thinks. Their mind is their own. You can only convince them to see that there are other alternatives.

Change. We are made for change. If there is something not so desirable, you are always entitled to change that part of you for the better. Humans don't act and stay as they are, we adapt and change and make ourselves better.

Breaking up is the easy way of taking things. So you can just run away. That's what they say. I really never thought of this. I've only thought of, how do we work through this? How do we fix this?

I just feel like poring all this out. I feel better letting this out in words than to keep it pent up inside of me. I feel, I know, I understand.

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