Saturday, 3 December 2011

Swimming in a different fashion.

Yesterday, 2nd December 2011 sure was a day to remember. Why? Well, it was important to make the frontpage of today's Star newspaper and even appeared in the evening news yesterday. Still wondering what I'm talking about? I was referring to the recent flash flood that hit Kajang. Yes, FLOOD. Lots and lots of water. Mud water to be precise. Why I was there was also because I was sending my sister for her music class. Parked my car in the basement parking of MetroKajang and was too late to save it. I bet there are others too. Took quite sometime before the water subside. Well, this was how it looked like....

Flooded basement Parking

And me...standing in knee deep waters. Plus point it was cold..really cold.
That was how it was in basement parking. Seriously. In a way it was almost like swimming in a whole new way. While I was rushing to get the car out...seriously nearly drowned myself when I almost slipped and fell into the water. Ughhh... -_- anyways..the poor car is off for an overhaul already..let's hope it comes back all good.


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