Friday, 23 December 2011

Adventure! Comic Fiesta 2011 (Part 1)

A new adventure for the adventurer! This time, in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(or KLCC for short)! The event? COMIC FIESTA 2011. For those of you who are new to this event, it is actually an Anime, Comics, Games Convention. It's been ongoing for 10 long years since 2001 and this year marked it's 10th anniversary! This also marked the year that, I, Vincent, Yours Truly, finally joined the cosplay scene! Finally accomplishing my dream. Now less me and more on the event.

Day 1- The adventurer(yours truly) left as early as 6am to get, breakfast. The meal that made up his day. Like they say(or maybe he himself), "A day is not complete without breakfast." He made his way to KLCC and arrived at 8am. Lucky him, the queue was only beginning to start. What shocked him was, after that queue to enter Hall 4 which was the ticketing hall, there was another queue! So it turned out he queued in a queue that was a queue to get into another queue (Whaaaaa? Confused? So am I). Finally after the many queues and such, the adventurer was lucky due to his pre-ordered tickets! He made quick progress and soon had his goody bag!

A notebook, a bar of chocolate, mints, two days tickets, poster and a magazine that I can't read.

The main thing: MY two days ticks!
Yesirrreee! The adventurer had his hands on his first haul of goodies! A notebook, a bar of chocolate, mints, poster, aaannnndd a magazine he can't read. Why? Cause the adventurer is what you may call a, half banana? (YES, I CAN'T READ MANDARIN. Problem?) And soon he was well on his way for DAY 1. Met some fellow friends, took some pictures and his day ended with not much of an enthusiastic applause. Pictures!

Right! There you are, the adventurer(yours truly) in his cosplay as Akaito from Vocaloids. =)
Part 2 - Day 2 coming right up!

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