Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Craving has Finally been satisfied~

Finally after years of dreaming, after years of thinking about it, years of obsessing about it, I finally got it done ONCE AND FOR ALL! Well, this sounds vague, and no. I'm not talking about me confessing my feelings to someone. What I'm actually talking about is my, MY.BRAND.NEW.PSP! Yes, Playstation Portable. New. LIKE FINALLY! I've been wanting to get a PSP for ages but have never really gotten the chance or money for it, after three years, I finally have it.

Yes, I can say it's a childhood/teenhood dream came true thing. It's also the first thing I ever bought with my hard earned money!(Ah, the feeling of pride!) So now, more pictures less crapping.

Yep, now there you have it! My pride and my joy!
PSP 3006, Mystic Silver. =)


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