Friday, 9 December 2011

Some tiny treasure-able moments

Well another day another new step to my life. What's new? Hmm...Went out, had some fun, eat, joke, and just ran around doing stuff. Lo and behold! It was during this run around moments that I happen to come across a really interesting place. A magical place filled with......Factory Good...(does the mystical finger waving Thing). Be amazed! There's a story to this even, goes:

------ Once upon a time, a boy felt like going out to have some fun. He walked(drove as a matter of fact) and he walked(drove) till he happened across a place. Little did he know, that THIS place was a magical place. A magical place filled with...Factory Goods. With that, his journey begins in this foreign(not really) place...------

------ As he walked on, he heard a mew. A small sound but enough to arouse his curiosity. He took a glimpsed down the dark path and...
He saw a magical creature(device) that calculates numbers!!!
------ Behind the mother he saw two of its' babies. Cute as they may be, he wasn't going to try his luck for the mother looked...horrifyingly cute. Maybe others may fall prey to it.

----As he continued on, he met another magical creature. This creature took many funny things out of it's pocket and turned into..a counting device! "Oh HOLY MAMA," he exclaimed, "what witchcraft is THIS?"

------ He continued on with his journey and felt tired. He came upon a magic goblet with words inscribed on it. "Drink This And You Will Be ENERGIZED." He was in need of energy and so...
He drank. Yes, he drank -forget about being careful with foreign objects.- I needed water!!
------ And he felt POWER!! POWER and ENERGY coursing through his veins and his body making him energetic!  He continued on and saw....A Magical Thinking Well!(although kinda small)

So he stuffed his head inside

And waited for some "thinking" to happen

AND IT HAPPENED!!! The "Thinking" began to fill his mind with superior thoughts!

And this, this is no toilet bowl cover. This is, The Thinking HAT!!

And that is the THINKING WELL!
And so, with the thinking well, he acquired the magical Thinking Hat. With that his journey reached an end. He continued on to be a noble, kind, and smart ruler(*cough cough*) of the land "whatever-it's-called" 


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