Friday, 23 December 2011

Adventure! Comic Fiesta 2011! (Part 2)

Here we are again on the adventure of (yours truly) Vincent. After having not much of an exciting day previously, today would be a lot more different. As they always say, "A new day brings new things" (Or I think that's what they said). So, here goes!

DAY 2 - After a few hours of energy regenerating sleep, the adventurer(yours truly) is ready once again for another day at KLCC. "" He mumbled as he typed that into his phone which was connected to, FACEBOOK, as he let the whole world know. Today proved to be much of a better day as on arrival, the equation of   QUEUE + TIME = MORE QUEUE AND NO TICKETS   has been removed and replaced with   QUEUE+TIME = YOU GET YOUR TICKETS. Great start. He also met someone he was longing to see and finally got his wish granted! 

He also managed to make it up on stage for a random shot. He became a storyteller for a short 2 minutes and told a mesmerizing story of a cat, a dog, and...a Gatling Gun. 

Yes that story. =)
All in all, DAY 2 was a great improvement and turned out to be an awesome day!

Me and My Ride

Weedy and Me =3

Weedy, Me, Xindy

Alfred, Me, Lei Shen, and someone.

Me and Alfred! Both first timers!
Yeap, pictures of the adventurer and some friends. =)
And here are some OMAKE pictures XP

I work out!

Bullied by an ARAN

 Here are some pictures of the adventurer's goods and haul!

CF Shirt, Bunny Hat, Boob mousepad, DVD won from stage story, KITTY HEADGEAR!
Kitty headgear!

The bunny hat!

And here we come to an end of the adventurer's(yours truly) adventure at COMIC FIESTA 2011!!
Till next year we meet again CF 2012! We will be waiting!


PS: A video on Comic Fiesta. I am at 0:28. *proud*

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