Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Past Week at JOHOR! (Part 1)

Yes! Another adventure, another new experience. Plenty of new experience! This time it was the state of Johor, bordering close to Singapore. Why there of all places? Well, it's because my dad got posted outstation and yes to Johor. Therefore, as a son, I SHALL VISIT HIM! And visit him I did. =)

Day 1- Left for Johor at 9am after breakfast. No energy, no concentration to drive. Yes. I drove. A BMW all the way to Johor. A 3 hour long journey from Kajang to Johor. The speedometer was constantly at 150km/h. Was a thrill drive. Had lunch and rested for the day. Wasn't much of a first day, had dinner later on and watched Anaconda on TV. Celebrated dad's birthday!!! Realized he was getting old...-sigh-


Day 2- Today, the adventure began! Visited Johor's City Square, located in Pusat Bandaraya. My god that place was crowded. Had a portugese lunch and walked around. Reminded me a lot of Times Square in KL. Dinner was Bak Kut Teh. For most of you, that's pork stewed soup.

The Meal


Hawaiian Fried Rice!

Finished in less than 10 minutes.
Day 3 and Day 4- Both days was almost the same. Except that on day 4, I finally managed to visit DANGA BAY! Had an awesome steamboat buffet dinner. Totally indescribable. The food was great, atmosphere was nice, service was good! What can a diner ask for more? =) The place: Asiana. A restaurant that implemented Sushi King's Kaiten Belt technique. The food was all served on the moving belt. I had half a mind to serve myself on the belt.(What?? I'm edible! Kidding kidding)


Food was really awesome. Had my fill till belly bursting. Then, we had a peaceful stroll by the jetty. Boats everywhere!

And so ends PART 1 of my JOHOR adventure. Sorry for the crappy English.


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