Saturday, 24 December 2011

Eve of Christmas~

What's this? I hear carols and music, I feel...cheerful vibes. Is it that time of the year again?? Cookies and milk?? Trees and presents? Santa!!?? YES!!! IT IS CHRISTMAS! With just another day to go, have you had all your shopping done? Gifts wrapped up? The writer for one....has never celebrated Christmas, for one main reason, it wasn't his religion. BUT, that doesn't stop him from joining in the celebration! For this year, as the year 2011 comes to a close, he has but one thing he wishes to do, to voice out what was tucked deep within him.


As the eve came,
As the snow fell,
There's the smell of cinnamon,
There's the merry sound of music,
As this eve of Christmas come to a pass,

There is but one word,
One little sentence that probably meant the world to him,
One that would be of little importance,
That simple sentence,
With the falling snow,
Is uttered out.....
All I want for Christmas,

Merry Christmas~
Cheers to all and have a blessed weekend!

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