Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Past Week at JOHOR! (Part 2)

Welcome back to Part2 of my Johor adventure! A short recap of what I did in Part 1.
------ Well, I was once a normal kid with a normal life, until I took an arrow in the knee. Now, I enjoy adventures, and where the winds brings me. A gentle drift brought me to the lands of boats and really close to the Island of Kiasu-ness, the State of Johor. There, I rode a majestic horse I named Bartholomew(BMW). At this new foreign land, I visited their main town, City Square and ate a new kind of food. Then visited the Bay Area for another splendid dinner. A magical restaurant that served food on rotating belts! -GASPED- (What witchcraft is this!??) And so, continues my story......------

The remaining days, three to be exact, were days of mixed feelings. I felt sad to be leaving this new land, yet there was, a whole new adventure waiting me back where I came from. COMIC FIESTA. I spent the last few days at the apartment where I stayed. Went for a walk in Jusco Aeon. Imagine what wonders I found!!!

As I passed carts upon carts of trader goods, I happened across, an angry confectionery!

It served as a dessert and also a weapon. But RM55 sure is a hard hit on my wallet. Maybe next time. I could use this as a weapon anytime!

As I walked on the music and songs playing, brings a melancholic yet happy tune to my heart. In this foreign land, I am reminded of....Christmas. I don't celebrate it but, there is no stopping me to remember the year before and soon about to end. (reminded cruelly of his own age)

YES. gingerbread-men.  I don't wanna grow up so fast! NUUUUU
I wanna be a kid. Munch gingerbread-men without a care of the world.

And here ends my journey as I return to KL. My Land of Car Honks and Jams. Comic Fiesta, you're up next!


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