Saturday, 7 May 2011

To My Mother. My Dearest Mother.

Hello everybody! My it does amaze me how time does pass. It's already nearing mid year. First and foremost, I apologize for my two week absence (apparently I came down with a bad bout of writer's block, that's a serious illness). With mid year comes the mid year examinations in school, half year gone, mid year holidays and so much more. My, it was just like yesterday I was just learning how to walk. A blink of an eye and now it's already 18 years past those days of learning how to talk instead of going "goo goo gaga"( Go Go Gaga. >.<???) Haha, that's how we were those days. So anyway, today, it's the 7th of May. Not much of a special day right? Well, I'm not talking about today but tomorrow. Why you ask??'s........MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!
To all mother's worldwide, I wish you a heartfelt "Happy Mother's Day". I have composed a poem especially for this special day. Enjoy~

Staring at those old pictures
Images of black and white
Images in colors
How long those years have passed
How everything has changed

The once beautiful and radiant woman
The once energetic and great woman
How you have suffered
The ordeal of bringing me up
Those nine long months of hardship
Continued by the long years
Of educating and bringing me up
To who I am today

The tears I have brought to your eyes because of my mistakes
The pain I have brought to your heart because of my attitude
The suffering caused by my childish argument with you
Only god knows how sorry I am now
All those long years you endured
To bring me up to who I am today
Only god knows how much I appreciate you

Although I only wrote this on mother's day
I want you, my mother, to know
That no matter what
No matter when
Everyday will be a mother's day to you
You don't have to wait a whole year just for this one day
Happy Mother's Day
Now and

Yes, to everyone out there. What I'm trying to say is, you don't have to wait once a year to show how much you love your mother. For, you are able to see her everyday. Why not make every single day a "Mother's Day" for your dearest mother who has sacrificed so much.

Vincent (over and out)

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