Tuesday, 17 May 2011

An Outing With Movies and Arcade

Greetings readers of my blog. I'm back again after a slight absence. How's everyone doing? I'm doing really really fine. In fact, I had an awesome time out with some friends today. Who were they? Well, JFN, NWK, and Kang Wei. What did we do? Movies and some arcade fun! Oh yes, you heard me right, arcade fun.

This was a last minute plan on a facebook wall. An innocent status update that quickly changed to an awesome day out planning. (Cheers for last minute awesomeness!)
Where did we go? The one and only.....Cheras LEISURE MALL!!!!! We watched a movie, Priest. It was really really cool. The movie was jam packed with action sequences. Really great. We had brunch at Wong Kok. That's sort of like a modern 'kopitiam' style diner. I ordered a chinese tea drink. Gosh....the chinese tea was one heck of a huge cup of drink....Lookit this pictures D=

Size of my hand. 2x the size of my fists =O

Same size as a big bowl of rice?

Size of my FACE!!!
 HOOOOOMIIIGOOOOSSSSSHH!!?? That's one huge cup of tea. oTL
Anyways, after that we went to the arcade....and guess what? We beat the highscore for Ninja Assassin. Not us really...it was all thanks to JFN!!!! JFN FTW!!! Picture proof.

Best PLAYER OF THE DAY! Top 3. Awesome.
So yeah, we had a really awesome time. =D

OH!! One more exciting news. I'm starting college in two weeks time. Heck yeah! I'm excited. I'm enrolled in IACT College. Going for Diploma in Creative Multimedia. Orientation 30th May. Oh yes....A new step in my life has finally been added.

Chiaos people~
Cheers and till next~

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