Friday, 27 May 2011

Appreciation and what it means

Well, this is a another post for today, I must really be pouring everything out of me..It won't be a long post but just another poetic contribution.
I Do...But can You See it?

Things that don't belong to me
Property belonging to another
I am grateful that you allow me to use them
I am happy that you trust me with them
But I guess, you don't see it?
Those words you ask of me
Were you actually implying a meaning?
Were you saying a statement?
Were you asking me a question?
The tone
The form of words
I can't really tell what you want from me.
You say I don't appreciate it?
Did I say that ?
You just assumed I did
How was I to answer you when you
Did not ask me a question directly?
I do appreciate the things you let me use
But can you see it?
Do you even realize it?
I don't know...
Only you can tell me
I may show it in a different way but
Yes I do appreciate it.

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