Thursday, 26 May 2011

Time for....Spring cleaning? After so long.

Well, hello people *sneezes*. Oh, excuse me for that *grabs tissue*. How's everyone doing? Fine I hope? Cause....I'm in cleaning mode right now and have no cheerfulness to go with it. Why is that? Well, let me entertain you with a short story of how it came to "Spring Cleaning".

Well, see here, once there was a boy, well, not actually a boy considering he's already 18, so he's more of like a young adult in this case but very much a boy too in all all physical state of organs from top to "bottom". Wait...a double checking to confirm. Yes, very much male. *Ahem* Yes, back to the story. So, one day, while the boy who is actually a young adult was drawing in his room on a table, he accidentally dropped his pencil and it rolled of the table to the back of a cabinet. The boy who is actually a young adult curses as any normal young adults his age do and bends over to retrieve it. LO AND BEHOLD! When the boy drew his pencil out from below the cabinet, how shock he was to see that the pencil was wrapped from top to *ahem* bottom in dust and dust balls. Staring at the pencil for a few seconds, the boy who is actually a young adult finally came to a conclusion. "I AM GOING TO DO A THOROUGH CLEANING IF MY ROOM."

So, as you may have guess now, yes, that boy who is actually a young adult is me. Yes, me. My room has been swept and cleaned only on the exterior. I have never known that behind my various cabinets and wardrobe lies a colony of dust armies and they have been steadily building their empire there. -facepalms- Okay, maybe I should have the common sense to know but all in all, it's time I go to war with the "Dust Empire". Too bad this would be a one man war, where it's me against the "Dust Armies". -Suddenly thinks of Rambo-

So yes, it's time to go to war. -picks up scythe(Broom)-
Wish me luck in cleaning and that I don't cough/choke to death when the "Dusties" strangle me.

Cheers till next~
Vincent -snaps on face mask-


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