Thursday, 21 April 2011

The day, the official coming of age! My 18th BIRTHDAY

Helloooo EVERYBODY ! I'm feeling great and excited despite it being 12am in Malaysia right now. Oh well, what's the big deal now? IT'S~~~~~ *drum rolls* my
18TH BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!! (I'm finally of fuckable age) ignore that statement I jut made..I'm hyper. LOLOLOL

Yays!! I actually celebrated my birthday earlier because, one member of my family is rarely home to celebrate it with me...My poor sister. She's in a boarding school. So I celebrated an early birthday with a dinner at Sushi KING !! (Yummmmy, sushi my favorite)

OH yeah, cold soba...the best..

We ate quite a lot~

Nice boat =D
 So yeah, we ate a lot... me and my family. Great food. Then we got a cake. It's called "White Coffee"~

Fresh out from the box!

On display for picture taking frenzy

My awesome cake with the candles.

Cake posing =D

WISH ! and BLOW out the candles.

Smile before you cut the cake !

Now cut the cake.

Thanks to Lyn Hui for distracting me in this.
The family. (Thanks LYN FOR BEING CAMERAwoman!)

Candid coming of age picture. I love my new look
 So, my 18th birthday is here!! I'll be enjoying my whole day =D
Vincent finally 18

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