Monday, 23 May 2011

Of Anime, Manga and Cosplay~ C2AGE? AWESOME!!

Well hello people, it seems like I've been away for a short while. How's everyone doing? Hopefully everything's going well on your side. =D (Smiles sure make a difference)
Anyways, what have I been up to lately? Nothing much except.....C.2.AGEEEE!!!!!! Oh yes. That's a small A.C.G (Anime,Comics, Games) Event. This year marked it's 5th anniversary of holding it's event. You GO C2AGE!!! YEAH! (Forgive me for my hyperness.) Well, it took place on the 21st and 22nd of May 2011 at a place called Tropicana City Mall. Unfortunately for me, I only managed to make it for Day 1 of C2AGE. OTL (Cries and sobs) Oh well, *transform!* (Cheerful mode again) I had a great time there. Managed to snap lots of pictures. Made new friends and met some friends there. Was really a great event. Anyways, why waste time with words? Let's let the images speak for themselves! (just a few pictures)

Am I ...going to die...>.<???

A friend I've been longing to see. Nice to meet you AMELEA!!
 Yeap...just some sneak peeks of my C2AGE album. There was also an awesome replica display from known movies such as, Lord of the Rings, Hellboy, and Thor.


 Awesome right? This is C2AGE. Wait till Comic Fiesta 2011 comes. That will be the 'bomb'. Oh yes. Besides that, on that very same day, I went to a play at KL Performing Arts Center. The title of the was, 'A History of Falling Things.' It was a really entertaining play.

It was about a boy who as a kid, was hit by a shoe that fell out of nowhere. From then on he developed a fear of falling objects which turned into a fear of falling satellites. Eventually he stayed in his room and refused to leave it. His mom got him a psychiatrist but to no avail. He then met a girl online and they talked to each other through webcam. They eventually develop feelings for each other and encouraged one another to put effort into getting out of their fear. This play was really touching and hilarious in certain parts. Thumbs up to the actors and actresses.

I had a pretty eventful weekend. In about a weeks time, I'll be heading to college. Then thus begins my new step in life, COLLEGE. Oh yea, excited much =D

A snapshot of fun~

 More pictures in my Facebook album here
And here

And, I guess, That's all for now FOLKS!~ 
Vincent the AVID ACG fan.

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