Monday, 6 June 2011

Of Luck and being at the right place at the right time.

HELLO HELLO! I'm back yet again after being missing for a while. What's up and what's new people? Hope it's been good news all around. What about me...? Hmmm, see, I've been kinda excited/hyper/overjoyed the past week. Why you ask? That's because, I've already attended my orientation at college. Which college? IACT College. What course? Diploma in Creative Multimedia. Oh yeah, awesomeness. Long story short, we were introduced to some of the seniors, we found out about the clubs, we also explored our campus, and last but not least, had a great time.

At the end of orientation day 2, there was a lucky draw, -crowd gasp- (LOL < Hyper much). Well, seeing as my luck with lucky draws were...not to say hopeless and for want of better term, I would say, not so lucky and....little did I know...that curse unluckiness would be lifted. Okay, so I was sitting there, uninterested and looking around to see which lucky bastard person would win an iPad. As I looked on, the fated hands went in the box and rummaged around. It came back out with a slip. It was as if time slowed down, literally, everyone leaned forward a tiny bit, the person who changed my fate announced, "I have the name here, and his number (mobile no.) is 019..." I was like, HOLY!? There's a tiny chance there, the next three came like a blast, "658". That was when I nearly got a heart attack. Yes, that was ME!!!!!!! I won an iPad from college -hugs iPad- OMG OMG OMG. This was really unexpected.

So yeah, now, I'm having fun with it. Not only that, I just finished my first class today. Presentation skills they call it. Was really really an awesome class. (But so much for awesome, there's an assessment coming right up, dang oTL)

Yes, it's been a blast of a week. Am looking forward to greater weeks.
So, that's all for now folks =D


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