Monday, 22 April 2013

The 2nd decade of my life

Hey people! Today..wait. Yesterday or to be more accurate, 43 minutes ago, I just passed the two decade line of my life. *epic music plays* Oh that moment. That special moment. To know you lived two decades and counting and all. Life...*tears* is so precious! XD

Oh well, a bit about my day. It was pretty much normal, the usual. Woke up at 11 or so...being a Sunday. Cake and went and met up with some friends. I celebrated my birthday this year a tad bit earlier with my dear girlfriend. It was at an event a week or so back. So she decided to surprise me with a cake. Well, I was surprised (wait what am I even saying ._.). She bought a Blackforest cake for me and also celebrated with me along with some other friends. Thanks for the cake dear =)

Here's a picture.

That's the cake. And Me.
So yeah, that's me. That's the cake. What was I doing? I was about to take the candle out with my mouth. Why? No idea... some kind of dare maybe? Haha, no worries, the cake wasn't polluted by my face. An item on my wishlist got fulfilled again on my birthday =)

A present from my dad.

Xperia V. V for Vincent.
Yeah, welcome to the smartphone era, Me. Oh God, the feeling of button-less messaging. I mean, that button pressing/mashing's gone. Sentimental in a way. Really sentimental.

Screen. Just screen

That Sexy ARC
Yeap, the only buttons present left is the lock screen button and the volume increase/decrease button. I am sadly still getting used to it. getting used to having a phone that's slightly smarter than me in a way. Getting used to a phone that's button-less. OH! With this collection of Sony items just increased.

Those Sony things!
Oh oh! My girlfriend got me/made me something as well. =)

A jar of candy =)

A replica of The Brotherhood from Final Fantasy
The candy was nice, and the replica was...cute and awesome =D
She made it out of Sculpey. Some oven bake clay. I could see her effort and the details on it. I appreciate it dear. She even sent me a birthday song on WeChat. Went something like this:

"Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to my dear dear~
Happy Birthday to you~

So.The.Very.Cute. Too bad I couldn't save it, or download it. But they had an option to make it into a ringtone though. Which.I.Might.Just.Do. =P

So yeah, and to end my post today, here's a picture of me and my cake =D

It was a Strawberry Shortcake
Lovely cake it was =)

Cheers all~
Vincent =)

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