Thursday, 11 April 2013

Of Pranks and...April FOOLS!

Hey guys! .......And Girls! Haha, been a week or so since I last posted. Anyway, today I'm feeling especially hardworking. So therefore another new post =D. I'm just not sure if people even bother reading my blog which...talks about my experiences and nothing else. I mean...who wants to read about other peoples life right? (Except maybe..if they were famous .____. I'm.... not)

So yeah, I've been looking at the pageviews and traffic is..not bad so to say. I am getting views but..what I was wondering was if people actually read the things I post. Sometimes I post on Facebook and I do know of some people who reads the stuff I post. Oh wai- *slaps self* I am derailing my own blog post now. Back to the main topic! All of you may have or more like have been pranked on that one day in April. Where pranks are everywhere, where trust is tested, where you are betrayed for that one day, where....yeah you doubt yourself and your trust. That day is none other than.. *drumrooooooooolls* DUN DUN DUNNNNNN, APRIL FOOLS!

Yeah, that. So I've been pranked, pulled a prank(actually many pranks), and pranked with. This year, was a year, I made a prank that involved planning a month ahead. Then so begins...the story...of the 2013 April Fools Prank.

It was a day like any other, I was talking to my mom. My mom was talking to me (well why not? We were talking.) She told me about how dad was supposed to go to Nigeria years ago when I was still a kid as an engineer for Esso. He declined due to me being young and my younger sis still an infant. She told me how he could have returned with enough money to retire. But bygones be bygones, now there was when I came up with an idea. I told my girlfriend, that I may have to follow my dad to Nigeria on a work contract. Wait a few weeks for confirmation. Two weeks later, I told her it was confirmed. I'd be leaving on the 31st of March. Would probably be in Nigeria for a week or so to survey the work environment with dad before anything else. It was of course to be a night flight. So the prank was set in motion. I felt guilty seeing her worried about me but I told myself, it's just a few days to go. Hold it in boy. I told her this on the 27th of March. So on the 31st, 3pm. I got online to pretend that I was leaving soon for the airport, bid my farewells.

Her face...was downcast. 3.30pm I couldn't do it anymore. When she asked which airport I'd be at the conversation went as follow.

Her > Dear...which airport will you be at?
Me> Hmmm guess?
Her> KLIA?
Me> nope nope
Her> LCCT?
Me> Nope.
Her> EH??? Don't la like that...which airport? And don't tell me you'll fly there.
Me> Yeah I'd grow wings and fly there =D
Her> *gives me the skeptical look*  What...seriously la dearrrr *frustrated*
Me> Guess la =P
Her> LCCT...? =I
Me> nope =P
Her> Eh don't tell me you're not going  or something =I
Me> *give her that grin*
Her> Huh...? Why you grinning!? Oh...Oh...
Me> Happy...Be-early April Fools dear =P

And then it was a load of her being shy and embarassed and all, but that was cute =)

All in all it ended on a happy note and also..I was glad that she was so worried about me. To that extent. I love you dear =) And no worries, no more pranks like this. I don't use the same pranks twice anyway.

This is...a prank that I planned due to the reason I'm turning twenty soon. With the end of my teenage years, I wanted to end it with a teenage bang. =)

Stay tuned for Part Two.


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