Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Part 2...Of Another Prank

As promised, part 2 is revealed. Well, before heading on to it and all, I'mjust gonna say if you don't like waht you're reading, stop reading. Simple. =) I didn't hold a gun or a knife point at you and forced you to read.

So, it was April 1st. And April 1st was coming to an end. Real fast. Scrolling through Facebook, I saw numerous posts attempting (Or maybe not) to prank and fool...with countless friends getting into relatonships, and pictures of smashed prized possessions, and lots of other posts on misguided trust and butthurt over being pranked. I myself personally already did a prank on my girlfriend earlier was just thinking oh well, already did one prank for this year...I'mma ignore and chill out of this one (That's..what I thought). Everytime April Fool's comes around, I automatically become more skeptical and cautious around even my best friends.

SO, there I was sitting, and chatting with my dear dear, and all of a sudden this wild thought pop into my head. I asked my girlfriend whether she'd wanna do a prank together, and she was like...I was just thinking about that. So I asked her, whether she was thinking the same thing I was...to which she answered yes. Oh the genius psychic she is  (¬、¬) she easily reads through my mind. It was:

"A Fake Argument Break Up - thingy"

Yeah, so we set it in motion at first she was just fine with arguing and all, but I wanted to up the game, reason being, it's only once in a prank-life (is that even a word? .__. ) and, I just thought of it being my last teenage year prank. Why? Cause technically I'm supposed to be 20 this year BUUUUUTTTT my birthday hasn't passed. Therefore I am still 19... NINE- 'TEEN'......*mumbles* plus.....I was gonna end my teen year with a bang. Cause as of April 1st, it was 20 days to 20th for me. We pulled off the argument prank, and for a moment she was actually doing it so good, I nearly ate my own prank and believed it was actually happening. Oh God....What kind of prankster falls for his own pranks!?  Oh...wait....me  (;¬_¬)

So, some of our friends ate it, some didn't, and some were....teethering on the fence unsure of whether to believe it or not. And by 12 as of the end of April 1st....it was revelation. So yeah, I must say it was a successful prank nevertheless and....SORRY GUYSSSSS >__<  Hahaha  but you got fooled. *shot*

A note though, I will never ever post personal issues on Facebook e.g. Relationship issues, and whatnot. Another note, I won't use the same pranks twice. =)

Cheers all and...up next
Turning 20


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