Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spirit Lifting Food?

Why hello humans and other biological beings. Currently I have quite enough free time to spend it on blogging so yeah, here I am again! TADDDDAAAAA!

Well, since it isn't really the end of March, I can't conclude my month of March yet, continuing from the previous post "March Of Sorts", basically, my month hasn't really lifted off even when it's close to the end. Sat around the house fixing my art sculpture, and binge on food. Yes, I love food. Little wonder though, it's in my genes to keep eating and not get chubbehhh! Ahahah, envy me you mortals! *cough* What did I just say? I mean, err, oh...ahh... 0_0

They say, "Eating is one of life's enjoyments!" (Or maybe I said that). Doesn't matter, somehow, when you're eating things, you don't think of anything else anymore. Not one bit of your problems. It's just you, your mouth, chewing that bit of morsel in your mouth, rolling it on your tongue, savoring the flavor, enjoying the mix of taste and sensation all over the insides of your mouth, to end with one.Satisfied.Tummy. It really makes you enjoy what you are doing at the moment besides thinking of all other things around you.

BUT, that's not a reason to stuff yourself with food for no reason. That'll just be called STUFFING

Right now, I'm stuffing myself with this

How many of you actually remember eating this as kids? I remember mom and dad used to buy me a box, I'll hold on to it, enjoying every little tiny raisin. Didn't matter whether it was golden or black. As a kid, we enjoy things without thinking much about them. Those were the good ol' times.

And last night it was this

Ignore me, I'm always doing epic faces.
Yeap, POCKY! Sent to me by my dear cuzzie from New York City. Technically, yes they're junk food, but they're still categorized under F.O.O.D. 

So that's from me, a short little post.


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