Sunday, 8 April 2012

A drop of madness

Well, I've been having the time of my life lately, how's life for everyone else though? Hope everything is going alright. To put things simply, I'm on break from college and things. So yeah! Time for hanging out, catching up, movie marathons and the likes! But first things first, is where the fun starts closer to home (Technically it was at a friend's house)

So what did I do the moment I handed in my final assignment? Well, here's something~

Yup, the pictures said the thousand word essay I was about to type. Thanks to a friend and his *super-awesome-can-of-hair-spray-that-the-brand-name-cannot-be-revealed-due-to-super-awesomeness*. My hair stayed that way for 6hours straight before it actually crumbled down and even then I must say, it's still looking pretty good.

It sure is looking not half bad!

Styling around and messing apart, it was a whole load of fun to see people staring at the hair like it was some....Dragonball Super SAIYAN style thingy. Hahahaha, me and my unexpected actions.

Then I attended an event at Nottingham University. It was a Japanese Cultural event sorta thingy. 

WHAT? Even a samurai needs to make a call sometimes. =P

Another cosplay and credits to respective photographers!

That's one part of my week and more to come! 
Stay tuned guys and girls~


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