Sunday, 11 March 2012

A hand for a hand?

Helloooowwwwww everyone! I'm back again. This time with something new from my current studying haven. The title "A hand for a hand", can you guess what it means? No? Maybe? Ahahaha, this has completely nothing to do with "an eye for an eye" or whatnot nonsense. =)

What I'm talking about ain't no revenge yo! It's all about.....*drumrolls* badadadadadadadadada DUUUUM!


Yes, you heard me right. There you have it. The current project i'm working on is a plaster hand. From that, I mean my hand to form...another hand! =) 

A hand for a hand! Simple as that~ 

Pictures now~

This looks like it's coming out of the photo!
And that's as much as I can show you of the uncompleted work~

Cheers everyone!

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