Monday, 26 March 2012

March..of sorts~

It's almost close to two weeks, it's been a mad rush of trying to finish up assignments, most of them last minute. This I blame PROCRASTINATION. Always so tempting and always so irresistible. Oh well, who am I kidding anyway? Partly it was due to me being naturally lazy, and another, writers block. Coming up with design ideas, sure is....not an easy job. Right now, with just a week to go before my semester break, the past three months of this semester seemed like a dream. Oh gosh, time sure flies.

So, instead of talking much, I'll just post some pictures.

This was just for sculpture. Then there's the art and design work, designing shirts for people to be stylish and something that you people will decide to wear, I must say, IS NOT AN EASY JOB!

Having to put this kinds of things on a shirt in a pleasing manner for the eyes. You get what I mean. By the end of the day, you'll just turn into something like this

Twisted much..practically
BUT, somehow, chilling with friends, hanging out and all, they'll cure you. But not totally cure. You still get things like this

Yes, I'm random, I'm hyper. I do funny/speechless and some other indescribable things. That's just how I roll!
Here are some other stuff that happened to during my two week gestation period.

Had some fries

Had some satay
Drew some stuff.
That's basically how it went for me! 

Have fun and all people, cause semester break, I'm getting my fun and rest!


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