Friday, 15 April 2011

Of Past Memories and Reunions

~There's a tinge of sadness in the skies, as the raindrops fall, it feels as if the clouds are crying along with us.~

Wow, time sure flies. In a blink of an eye, five years has already past. I've already finished my secondary school years. Looking back, it felt like it was just yesterday I was playing tag, "polis dan pencuri", "kejar-kejar", and all those other kid's games in my primary school years. For those of you who don't know, those games are actually tag in different forms and rules. It was so long ago... -drifts off into distant memories-

Oh wait, -snaps out of trance-
Regarding my post today, well, I'm posting about my primary school reunion. It was held five days ago. Meeting friends again from my tiny years...seeing the teachers who once taught everyone has changed, how everyone has aged...It really brings back sentimental memories.

The place where my education began

The Reunion board. *sobs*

BARBECUE !!!!!!!!!!!

Lot's of food.

The friends from those years.

The teachers. The ones who taught me to be who I am today

Enjoying ourselves
 Yes, it was such a blast. It was fun meeting friends and teachers from those past years. To share stories of what we've done and all. To tell you the truth we were the "First Generation" of SK Saujana Impian 2. The very first Graduates of the school in the year 2005.

And finally~ The group photo~


The Reunion Shirt
 So yes, like I said, in a blink of an eye, time has already passed, those past memories, sweet and bitter alike, will always be remembered. the times we've had, studying, playing, messing around, doing nonsense...It was all fun times.

~ As the tears dried, the clouds parted, the rays of the suns breaks through, and upon the face, a smile appears for a new day, as memories never fail, that only time will tell if we ever meet again~


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