Thursday, 21 March 2013

Of exams and holidays

So, it's been a month. As usual. Procrastination.

How's everyone I wonder? Life for me is pretty much the same. Ending my semester soon and currently facing the final papers of this semester's subjects. Just when I thought I'm done with history and such from highschool and SPM (that's Sijil Pengajian Malaysia. Like somekind of final paper to test your knowledge of highschool life. For people who have no idea). Worst still, they even scaled it down to just Malaysian history. I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if it was about the world. War, World War, why this country hated that country, why this country invaded that country. Those kinds of things would've made history a little more interesting no? With the blood and gore and bombs and decapitated bodie- *cough* I mean the carnage and disaster and how the world rebuilt itself. That's real education. I'mma..stone. *turns to rock*

Sigh...Can't complain much anymore now. Just took my Marketing Principles paper today, and..I don't have high hopes. At the most B+?    >__< Sorry mom. Next is Moral and History..Malaysian History. With that done, I'll be free on holiday! Semester break and I get two weeks off. Time to catch up on sleep and enjoying myself lazing about. Speaking of which, holidays.

My dearest girlfriend went to Australia for her holiday. For a week. week. One whole long week. Seven days. 168 hours. 
.___. Yes. I miss her. A lot. 
But with exams on my mind, I can't think about her much, except when I do..GAAAHHHH I MISS HER QAQ

Before she left, she left me one of her sweater. Her favorite sweater so I can hug it if I miss her too much. *hugs sweater* IT'S JUST NOT THE SAMMMMEEEE Q_Q
She said cause I gave her mine, she thought I should have one of hers. I don't mind really except for the fact it won't fit but mine her I mean. Speaking of which, this was awhile back but her mom actually bought a sweater for me.

The grey one. It's comfy too.
So, her mom had this idea to get me and my girlfriend matching sweaters. Matching red sweaters mind you. But then, since I already had a red one, my girlfriend told her mom that, and so she got a red one and I got a grey one. =I
So much for matching though I can't complain much cause it's a gift and it's very comfortable too! Definitely going into the list of my favorite sweaters. There's four of them in my list so far, and that's because, I only have four not including this. =D So I love them all comfy sweaters! Thanks again aunty! Thanks so so so much!

And another picture on sweater
They look...kinda matching despite the color o_o
Ignore the messy bed, the black and grey one. That's my girlfriend's. =)
Anyway, come back safely and swiftly to me Q____Q I miss you lots.

Stay tuned for more...I hope

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