Monday, 25 March 2013

Of souvenirs and missing

So here I am again. Posting again. Cause..I just wanna post (makes myself sound hardworking..*shot*). Anyway, hope everything's fine over wherever you are, cause I'm totally enjoying my rest period. Why? Cause I'm on SEMESTER BREAK! BAHAHAHAAH. .___. It's actually very boring. Trust me. With no plans...even if there was plans...there's no $$ (Life of a student). Why my predicament...due to irregular class hours, there's no time to get a part time job. Then my allowance, it all goes to college, travel, transport, survival (meals I mean), and some other college materials. Sigh....But oh well, that's not what I wanted to talk about today.

Remember my last post? Yeah, she's finally back! I'm so glad too. Even got to meet her the next day after she got back and she got me some stuff. I missed her, not much a little minimally.....a lot? Some of the stuff that happened over at facebook...while she was away.

[Day 1]
So begins my week. Sunday. She's off to her holiday. Tossed a little and her sweater didn't help much. I guess, yeah..I missed talking into the late night with her.
[Day 2]
Been reading, talking with people. She came on and...I wasn't home to chat. She left a message though, and I left her one too. Miss her but slowly getting used to it. Finally felt what she felt when I went on a holiday.
[Day 3]
Day three without her around. Nothing much. Doing my revision for final exam for this semester. Read the notes, revised a bit. Chatted with some people. Sigh...ok, who am I kidding. I miss her. A lot. She came on to chat and that makes it..4 days to go =) Oh joy.
Yes, it's kinda becoming like a diary. That only lasts a week though. So, today was marketing exam. Didn't do much. Found this new game/app for iPad, android and iPhone. Elphis. Kinda Maple-like. Very nostalgic. I still miss her but it's just another three days to go. Oh, and she didn't get to ride on sheeps...pity.
[Day 5]
It's finally day 5. She came on in the morning, managed to catch her for a brief moment. She got her results for SPM today too. Checked it via SMS for her since she's over in another country. It wasn't bad. I'd say she did well. She didn't seem dejected, neither was she elated. Prepared for Moral and History paper. Finally it's gonna be done and over with. Two days to go. =)
[Day 6]
It's finally today. She's back. Also my last diary-like post. :)

It wasn't really that bad..when she wasn't around, cause she still came online to chat for a bit. So she came back with some candy for me (she knows me so well TwT) Cannndddyyyyyyyyyy

Two bags of eucalyptus candy and...some egg like...chewing gum. She told me the shopkeeper told her that it's not as hard as it looks...or feel. But....It feels pretty damn hard when I held it. Here's some pictures of what she got me =)

Tasty, sweet, cooling eucalyptus candy and that hard-egg-chewing-gum-thingy

It's the size of my..ok almost the size of my palm.
That's..the first time seeing a chewing gum that huge. Oh well, gonna try eating it later..some time this week.

Yeah, long post with just two pictures +)

Cheers all =D

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