Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Backlogged of A Christmas Post

Hey people, been away. Again. For sometime. Again. Therefore "Blogging More" will never be in my resolution. Cause it never works out. My attention span is just too short. I'll just post whenever something comes up or if I get a sudden drive to put up something. WHICH like today, the thought of a past post came to mind. So here goes you people-out-there-who-I-do-not-know-or-may-have-known-but-is-unsure-if-anybody-actually-reads-my-blog-ever. 

Sometime ago, say back about two months, in a time where people envision snow fall and snowflakes, green fir trees, boxes nicely wrapped up. Yes, I'm talking about Christmas. I got up one day and was cracking my head up for an idea. Why?


Duh. So, I've been making paperclay figures and I thought I'd make one this time around. How to make it special though!? That's where I was stuck. Till I stumbled happened across the word "Diorama". Google it. It's nice. 

To put it simply, a diorama is simply a scenery or a small scene of something in a container to depict something. So yeah....if you're still unclear...I'll post pictures.

Yeap, a Christmas Diorama with Rillakuma.
This is what a simple...SUPER SUPER simple diorama looks like. Just some mini props, a background and a container.

The Main Props
So if any of you want a simple tutorial on how I did this, do ask. I don't bite. At All I think.
That's all for today I guess. 


P.S: I actually made two Rillakumas.