Monday, 7 January 2013

Welcome 2013

Voila, and a new post magically appears! I'm not even sure if people still drop by to read and be entertained or whatnot. But oh well *shrugs* I'm writing cause...I'm writing la! (Malaysian-ness o_o)

FIRST OFF!! CONGRATULATIONS everyone for surviving the Mayan Doomsday. we can now proudly show the 2012 movie to our kids and tell them, we survived that, and rebuilt our civilization. They'll definitely be so proud of us!

So two months or so since my last post. Nothing much to say here. So a short summary since my last post all the way up to the new year. So since my last post I've had a mad rush to complete a bunch of assignments from college, animating stuff and drawing stuff. Mind you, drawing with a tablet is...A whole new level of drawing. Pen and paper, to this. 

Example, this.

Yeah...Good question actually. What do you want?
Or maybe this.'s a face. (obviously *cough*)
Yeap. Pretty much took me quite awhile to get used to drawing with a tablet. 
AAAANNNNNDDDDD still getting used to it. Sad case for me eh?
Oh well, like they say, "Practice Makes Perfect".

 So I was done and over with my assignments after staying up a few nights, mush to the dismay of my poor body *pats self*. Procrastination...this has got to end  ._______. 
Then, one of the defining events in 2012 for me, I was invited by one special girl to one special event for her entire highschool life. Prom. Yes, you heard me right. Where ladies, and gents, dress up in their finest for a night of fancy dancing, food, refreshments, and the everlasting memory that comes with it. Also, marks one those rare moments I am ever dressed in a suit. I look too damn business like.

That's me on the left and that's my dearest girlfriend on the right
There you go. 
Then we got down the main business. The event I've always been waiting for every year.
Comic Fiesta. This year marks it's 10th year Annie-wear-saree(Anniversary). I must say, I feel proud, even if I have only attended for 5 years since 2008. How far we have come in 5 years, how far they have achieved, and how much I have achieved. From event goer to cosplayer. Another special event to remember, for it was at CF'12(ComicFiesta 2012) that I ever had my first couple cosplay.

Tidus and Yuna, Final Fantasy-X

Kaito and Miku, Vocaloid Senbonsakura
It was really a defining year for me, and a lot of things happened to change my life in every way. I met someone whom I thought was for me only to be corrected, and when I was down, almost giving up, another was by my side. It's all this unexpected moments that, really makes life a wonder.

Here's a little video to conclude, how my New Year's went. =)

2012 was a great year with great memories. To a better 2013 and greater memories you people!

Cheers all!
Vincent  =)

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