Friday, 25 January 2013

Of Edible...Things

Hello everybody! Yes, I am still alive and kicking, healthy as a horse and back to posting something. So here goes a short take of what I've been doing while my blog was collecting dust from my...abandon-ment. Is that even a word? Oh no, it's not, seeing the red squiggly lines. Oh well, it sounds nice though. *slaps self* Damn, I'm derailing. Back to the topic, so there was college, pretty boring semester this time around. having only three subjects though. Lucky? I...think not. Cause, I am "blessed" with Moral, Pengajian AM (which is Malaysian History), and Marketing Principles. 

The first thing the lecturer says when she came in class for Pengajian AM was...

"Class, don't worry. This is NOT a history class! It's more like general knowledge."

Then, she goes off talking about how Malaysia became a country with such diverse culture, it began in the year 1xxx when god-knows-who came here and conquered god-knows-what. How the traders in the year married locals, and came to trade. Then something happened some people stayed some people left for their home country and VOILA! We have Malaysia! (We clapped here, kidding. We were all dozing off already). Marketing Principles is quite an interesting subject and I can bear with Moral. What I can't take is...all of these classes are...memorizing and theory classes. I hate theory. I hate memorizing.

Now, enough of me complaining, to the fun stuff!
Today's post is as the title says, edible things. What kind of edible things? It's...CHOCOLATES! Who doesn't love chocolates eh? So a friend of mine came back from a holiday with a souvenir for me (oh wow, I'm so touched! Really!). Didn't expect her to get me this though. What's wrong with chocolates? No nothing's wrong with them. In fact, I love them...very much. What would shock most people though is because of..this.

Reminds you of some kind of "product" eh?
 And it's contents are even more..special =)

Giving you "ideas" now?
As some of you might have guessed, this is Chocolate Condom. Chocolate Flavored Condom. Condom Shaped Chocolate. Oh you get the meaning. This is...strawberry flavored. Oh and one chocolate flavored.

The Product
The....Product being eaten
Yeap! Totally awesome looking design for a chocolate. The look on my face when I actually got it and admired it.


Sometimes, CHOCS are better than Sex *cough*
Even the packaging is convincing
 Totally convincing! Some of my friends actually thought I was tricking them into eating a condom. Haha, the thing is REALLY chocolate. Creative design and packaging. =)

THANKS Chriztay!!!! Thanks for the lovely/creative souvenir!

Now, I shall enjoy my chocs. Till next post then people, chiaoooz


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