Saturday, 26 January 2013

18th Year Achievement, Unlocked!

This is probably the most times I've ever posted in a month. Maybe, really I never keep count. But oh! Hi there everyone! So I'm back again. Must be funny seeing me back again so fast. Don't worry, I find myself weird too at times. But anyway, I have made a very nice discovery few days back. This discovery relates to one of bloggers function called schedule. It's...SO AWESOME! (Practically 'jakun-ning' right now as I type this out). Yeah, maybe it's been there for quite awhile. I never bothered to find out, or use it, till now. So yeah, this is a scheduled post. Meaning, I typed this and set a time and date for it to be posted automatically. Why not manually post? Cause...I don't have internet access where I'm headed for the weekend la!(My Malaysian-ness kicking in). There's a reason for this! I mean...A reason why I chose to post this via schedule.

So, today(the day I scheduled this) is a very important day for someone who recently (not quite recently actually, 6 months from Aug'12 to Jan'13) became a significant person in my life. It marks the day, that my girlfriend accumulated enough EXP(experience points) to level up from 17 to 18! YAY! *slapped* 

Yes, that's my dear girlfriend Sarah. =)
Okay, jokes aside. Today she turns 18 and a year of possibilities and happiness to come! I can only say that I'm sorry that I won't be able to be there to celebrate with you due to being stranded in Johor. Although if you don't mind, I can and would be willing to celebrate a belated one with you dear. My dearest Sarah, please use your level points wisely in the skills you may need in life =) *slapped again*

 Why the game references? Cause she used to play games =) Just bringing back those happy leveling days, where EXP and Rare Equipment, was a joy.

I got her a present and being the smart*cough* person I am, handed it to her earlier before I departed for Johor. So yeah, I decided to get her a rice art necklace, the one where you can get your name written  on a rice grain, and put it into a tube and made into either a bracelet or necklace. =)

This one =)
Yeah, it was totally worth my money and effort getting this cause, it's one of a kind and you can customize the liquid with any color of your liking, the tube design too, and the rice grain with your name on it, makes it even more special. =)

Closer look on the rice grains =)
It says there, "MUN KAY"
It says there, "VINCENT"
I decided to get one for myself too so we could both be special and matching together =)
Anyway, before I end this post I'mma just say a few lines...

As the years go by
As time passes
Life changes
Year by year
You learn
You change
In the blink of an eye
Here you are
At Eighteen
This day of becoming
This day of existence
I share your joy and smiles
As you celebrate your birthday
And it is not the only thing that I will share with you
For as time goes on now
I'll be with you

When you're with me, it just happens. The smile, the touch, and the gestures

Happy 18th dear, and don't waste your birthday wish when blowing the candle =)