Sunday, 11 November 2012

Another period, come and gone

*yawwnnn* SOOOOO, what day is it today? Oh, Sunday? What time is it...? 12.15p.m.? WHOA!!! I overslept! (*cough* forgive the direct Pokemon game pun) but yeah, that's what it felt like coming back to my blog...after over a month. I am seriously, one of the....more lazy bloggers out there. Hey, can't blame me, I do what I like, when I like, how I like, where I like, can't stop me. HA! Take that. 

Anyways, another period has passed and no, I am not referring to the natural discharge of blood that happens every month to a certain gender when the time comes every month. Then there's the irony here where I just came back after a month...Don't get it? Go figure.

In another month or so, it'll be the time of our lives. I'm sure most of you people out there are anticipating this. A day of gifts and presents and plentiful good food (provided we don't get killed by meteorites as the Mayans would love to see). Yeaaahhhh, good food. Food, is that all I can think of? Yeah..pretty much right now. Like a wise stomach once said, "Food is the joy of life". I agree WHOLE-HEARTEDLY on this. But like any other human beings, yeah, I also have wants and needs.... Can't blame me for being human. SOOO, as a normal human being, I have a wishlist. (not that I'm hoping I get everything on it...or even getting any of yeah, just having it for the fun of it)

WISHLIST (My wants, maybe a bit of needs)

1. New Headphones (My old ones, the sponge padding is coming off)
2. New case for meh iPad (it's an old iPad1 and the cover is falling yeah...)
3. New portable hard disk (for me to store all my por- I mean, work stuff)
4. New shoes (I've been wearing mine for over a year and, it's pretty much falling apart and soaking in water when it rains.)
5. Nerf Elite Retaliator (just because I want to shoot people without causing bodily harm)
6. New phone (mine is pretty much dying a natural death)
7. 300 bucks into my account so I can buy what I want.
8. Peace on Earth (cause I'm caring like that)
9. Good health to everyone (cause...I ran out of ideas)
10. OH and how can I ever forget TURKEY! (I've..only tasted turkey yeah)

That's...pretty much it(for now).

And, till next time then!

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