Thursday, 14 February 2013

Of Valentine's and..Valentine's~

*Wonders if anyone still reads this blog*
Anyway, for politeness sake, hello everybody! Back again with a new post. As the title suggests, on Valentine's.

What is Valentine's...that's an age old question. With how the masses think and get manipulated, it's safe to say, most think of it as a special day where couples get together, where the boy confesses to his heartache, where the girl gives chocolates AND confesses to her own heartache. But anyway, on a more general term, it's a day for loved ones. Definition? Family, close friends, and...more friends and family! That's how it is. For me. That is. I mean. That's how it is for me. There, that sounds so much better. =D

So anyway, enough of theory crap. I shall be the mass for today and follow the herd. This shall be, a post for that one person. You know who you are. =)

I used to say like but, now I love her because of one of many reason. (The list will be long so..I'll just post beeeeeeg main ones)

- She is there for me, whenever I feel down
- She is cares and worries for me a lot. (Sometimes a bit more than a lot, but I know for the right reasons)
- She would do what is important to keep this relationship going. (As will I)
- She bakes me cookies.( What? They're super awesome!)
- She knows when I'm not myself, and tries to cheer me up.
- She would hold my hands close and tight, as if afraid of losing me.
- She would surprise me with her random thoughts sometimes.
- She would caress my cheeks gently and hold me close.
- She doesn't mind my weirdness at all.
- She shares her problems and worries with me so we can get through it together.
- She accepts me for what, who, how I am.
- She..would be shy but it's cute to look at and when she messes around with me (or try to) in a good way, her effort makes her cute, and I can't help but play along.

And much much much much more. But all sounds...too perfect. What are likes, without dislikes? I have..some things that I've spoken to her about and yes, it's just that few things, that we solved together but well here goes.

- She lives..quite far away. About an hours plus journey, yet it's not much of a problem.
- She is too shy sometimes, even when it's just her and me.
- She unknowingly flirts/overly-friendly/uses her charms on other guys. (YES. I'm a guy. I get jealous too =I )
- She doesn't give me cookies much. (WHAT!?  D=  Like I said, it's awesomeeeee)

>__< Yeah that's about it on my part. But mainly what makes me love her, what makes me find it worthwhile, what makes me cherish this relationship is because of this.

Yes. It's that smile of hers. It's heartwarming.
When she smiles, it makes me feel like, everything is fine. It just makes me smile along. She knows this but I can tell when she forces it. =)

So dear, talk to me when you have a problem. You promised. So we can get it over with together. =)

Cheers all~  =)