Saturday, 28 April 2012

Happy That It Happened

Hello everyone, lately, I've been not quite myself. Been through some stuff so I'm not gonna make this a long post.

I've prepared myself for this day to come
I knew plans were never perfect
I knew that things had a way to turn around
I just never prepared myself for the suddenness of it all

Yes, I know that I may not have been the only one
Even so, I still work through it
All I ever wanted
Was just to see you smile

Now, you have a reason to smile
Even though I may not be THAT reason
Even though I am not THE reason
I still want you to be happy

It's hard I keep telling myself
It's painful I keep reminding myself
But as time goes by
It'll eventually get better

I value our friendship more than anything
I value what we had back then
I value the happy memories we made
I'm happy not because it ended but because it happened

So no matter what happens next
I'll still be supporting you
I'll still be around
I'm glad that we're still friends


Don't worry about this, I'll get better over time.
Thanks to my friends for cheering me up

Like my favorite saying ~
"Broken hearts are like broken wings,
They mend and heal as time passes"

I said that, I'll live with that.

Cheers all and have a nice day~

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