Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Right Where You're Happy~

Lately, things have been down the dumps to put it simply. Someone close to me, my relative has finally returned to the Maker. Words cannot describe the hell I've been living through for the past week.

It all seemed like life was the worst thing that happened to you when you're in tragedy. When you're not, the situation feels like it's a fairy tale, a horror story or just some faraway thing. Only when it does happen to you, do you realize, life is frail. Yes, I could not, for the love of God, think this way, as the saying goes, "No matter how sensible a person is, we are all still Humans." Yes, there may have been people in worse conditions, but then we are only human, we see and feel what is before us.

I may have faced it, but I have yet to fully got over it. That I know. 
Ashes to ashes
Dusts to dusts
Time is but just a limit
Life is but just a moment
Where you have gone
Where you are now
May be a better place for you
Where you are happy

You may be gone
You may be far
But never far from my heart
For there you are till the day we meet again
Life is but just a moment
For you
For me
For everyone

A tribute to my dearest Grandmother~
I will miss you but so will the family, but we know you will always be close in our heart.

Thanks to everyone who cared
Thanks to that someone who has managed to make me talk
Make me opened up a little and cheered me up
And encouraged me to smile

You know who you are

Cheers all, I'll be back to myself soon, I hope~

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