Sunday, 8 April 2012

Semester breaks, time to let it loose?

I'm back again! This time I'm back with some ice. Yes, you heard me right. Ice. First off! How many of you have actually skated before? By that I mean, ice skating? =) I'm proud to announce that I have finally succeeded in learning how to skate! With just two tries and lots and lots and lots of falls and ass  butt whams. Still slightly wobbly but I'm still learning. Booyah! I feel so proud of myself right now. 

Yup, I can finally manage to just start sliding round and round the ring. I still remember the first time I went on the ring. I was just walking. Literally. Like left foot out, right foot next, left foot, right foot and so on...

Till I took the fall. Literally. 

So they say, or maybe (it was just my saying...again) "Don't be afraid to fall."

Cheers all and a Happy Easter!


  1. mayby someday i could go ice skate with you...who knows??