Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sugar and it's consequences!

Sugar, the one little thing in our life that we can never live without. Doubt me? Let me put it this way, try drinking your coffee with no sugar, try eating medicine(REALLY BITTER MEDICINE) and not have a piece of candy after. You get what I mean? The world will be such a bitter bitter place! People will be a lot of depressed biological being. No drive, no energy...dang I can't live in a world like that!

To me, sugar is...LIFE!!! It's what keeps me going. Especially...*ahem* rushing for assignments. One thing, it keeps you up enough too overdrive the brains. The term HYPERACTIVE. Yeah, that's how it is. So, yeah sugar and me, we're inseparable! With it I can be FUCKING  unbelievably hyper. Hyper to the extent of, running round singing, bursting out laughing with random comments and pretty much...everything else. (dayuumm I love myself) XD

AND, some SUGAR INDUCED PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 Yeah, that's me...retarded me.

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