Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sometimes, it's just how things are!

Hello and hi everybody. I'm back yet again with something new on my mind. Hope you people are enjoying your weekend cause apparently there are others who had a suckish(does this word even exist?? o_o) one.

So, what's on my mind now? That's going to need some crapping before I get to the thing that is on my mind which mind boggles me and sits there confusing me and therefore makes me start crapping. I am currently doing a few part time jobs at the moment cause I have too much free time on hand. Better than just sit at home and be a turd, might as well get some experience and earn some cash. As with jobs there is the feeling of how people will look at you although you tell them you are new. I for one am constantly wondering on this. you get thoughts such as, "I'm new..oh no..I don't know anything!" or "I'm new oh well, can't blame me for blowing up that printer(just an example. never did it before)." Thinking of all this well...I've come up with a conclusion.

Truth is, there are many points of view for this matter and most of them share the same aspect. 
From the employer/boss's view: For the first few mess up-"It's okay...You're new"
                                                 After a week- "WTH is wrong with you?? Can't even solve 1+1!?"
From customer's point of view: For the first few mess up- "What is wrong with you!? Are you new or what?"
                                                After a week(assuming they do come again)- "Your boss should fire you"

And that said, someone once told me..I think it was at the first ever part time job I ever did...
"You know what? The people here, they don't care whether you're new or not. To them, you're under one name and that's the organizations name. They're gonna expect you to know everything."

Through that, I understood that, well, it's ok you're new and all but after one week and yet you still keep up the excuse that you're new and all....well, you're not worth hiring at all...

Thus is what was on my mind.

Chiaoz till next~

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