Sunday, 19 June 2011

~A Father's Day Memory~

Well, hello people. Hopefully everyone is doing well, what with the weather and environment changing so drastically this past few months. I'm doing pretty well right now in health and everything else.

Anyways, as we all now, Father's Day is here. What do you my dear readers think of your own father? For those who have lost this parent, my condolences to you. For those of you still have the privilege, shouldn't you show your gratitude and appreciation? Here goes to my dad. Something I thought up for him. My dad who is actually the provider in the family.

Here's to that one man
One who never tires
Here's to that one man
One who provides without fail
Here's to that one man
One who is the provider
This is to my father

Those late nights you came back
Those times you were late for dinner
Those times where you would occasionally sit and chat with me
Those times when you would show me things
Teaching me the lessons of manhood
Teaching me the lessons of growing up
Teaching me all that I should ever know

It's those times I spent with you
I see the wrinkles around your eyes
The white streaks in your greying hair
The tiredness in your eyes
But that smile, fatherly and warming
Smiling even though you were tired

You provided for me
Gave me education
Gave me what I wanted
Gave me what I needed.

I love you

That's to my father, who is the provider of the family. I love you. I appreciate what you have done for me and I will work hard not to disappoint you anymore.


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