Wednesday, 15 June 2011

An awesome day spent~

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is bouncing and running at their best system operation. I'm running full mode on hyperactivity. BWAHAHAHA~!

Brain: All systems go! Full mode on hyperactivity!
Body: Sir yes sir!

Yeah, hyper much >_<
Hopefully this will not be permanent. Oh well, what's my story for the day? It's actually about completing a project for presentation. This group is one heck of an awesome team! Team name? "Innocent but Don't Try Us." Yeah, it's a crazily awesome team. We were all going around the whole of Jaya One doing a video. We were all successful till we arrive at Cold Storage. The guy was such a spoilsport by saying, we're suppose to get this approvement and all. Lame ass Oh well, I guess he's just jealous we had so much fun but he's stuck wiping someone's ass butt.  All in all it was an awesome day. We also had lunch with some seniors. Thanks for everything SENIORS!!!!

Yeah, really really great seniors. =D
I just found that I'm under an accelerated semester. The heck....?

Dead tired. This is what I feel about the accelerated semester too.
Innocent but DON'T Try Us!
 So that wraps up a certain percentage of my life in college. Heck YEAH!!!

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